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Bian Stone Cosmetic Roller

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The Bian stone was first found in ancient China as one the first medical application tools and is said to be the ‘Ancestor of Guasha’. Modern scientific evidence reveals that it can improve microcirculation, clear the meridians and increase skin flexibility.

Bian stone is thought to have been made by the impact of meteorites upon the Earth’s surface in China’s Western Shandong region during the cretaceous period approximately 65-66 million years ago. The use of Bian Stone therapy is recorded in the Huangdi Neijing also known as the Inner Canon of Huangdi or The Emperor's Inner Canon, which is considered a fundamental doctrinal source for Chinese Medicine over two millennia.

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Bian stone issues rare infrared electromagnetic waves of 7-20 microns at room temperature and high ultrasonic properties. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial & analgesic qualities. It also activates blood circulation and has a heat-clearing and detoxifying effect. Dimensions: 14cm long with a large head measuring 6cm across


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