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Moxa Accessories

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  1. Split Spoon

    Split Spoon

    Our split spoons are made from quality stainless steel. Perfect for lifting needle head moxa from needle tops. Don’t burn your fingers anymore or risk embers falling on your patient. A must for any needle Moxibustion treatment. Learn More
    $10.85 excl GST

  2. Moxa Cap

    Moxa Cap

    Sick of worrying about your needle head moxa falling apart and onto your patient? This moxa holding cap will put your mind at ease. It holds loose punk, ondans and many other forms of needle head moxa and is re-usable time and time again. Stainless steel, chrome plated. Suitable for all non-loop end needles such as our Tianmen needles. Learn More
    $2.00 excl GST

    Out of stock

  3. Moxa Extinguisher New

    Moxa Extinguisher

    A necessity in any clinic. Stainless steel, 40mm tall. Simply insert the lit end of a moxa roll or stick into the extinguisher and firmly butt out the roll. Fits both traditional and smokeless rolls. Learn More
    $8.65 excl GST

  4. Moxa Extinguisher With Tray New

    Moxa Extinguisher With Tray

    Moxa extinguisher mounted on a 10.5 cm diameter stainless steel tray for extra stability and functionality. The tray is also useful to ash your burning moxa stick as your treatment progresses. Hold or stub out your moxa stick by inserting firmly into the extinguisher. Learn More
    $17.80 excl GST

  5. Brass Moxa Burner

    Brass Moxa Burner

    Brass moxa burner used for indirect Moxibustion. The brass body assures quick and even distribution of heat on the desired area. The chambers can be loaded both with roll and loose moxa punk. This burner features a double chamber compartment allowing the user to add ginger, garlic or other herbs to the outer chamber and have the desired material heated through by moxa from the inner chamber. Learn More
    $30.00 excl GST

5 Item(s)

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