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  • kamaya ondan smokeless needle head moxa

Kamaya Ondan Smokeless Needle Moxa Cones

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The pinnacle of Japanese smokeless needle head moxa

A charcoal based product producing no smoke or odour. Ideal for patients and practitioners who have difficulties with smoke and for general in-office use.

Requires no baskets - Lighter and easier to use than the basket type smokeless cones. Kamaya cones are for use only with metal handle needles such as our Tianmen or Dongbang needles. Simply place the cone on top of a needle and light.

For safe burn free removal use our split spoon.

Important Features
•No odour or smoke
•Fits on top of metal handle needles
•Light weight
•Provides long retention and gentle warming
•Safe and clean. No hot moxa ash.

Availability: Out of stock

$130.00 excl GST



Average heat of 35C with burn time of approximately 7 minutes

450 per box


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