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DANA 10T Korean Premium Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Needles (10 needles per BLISTER)

We are currently out of 0.10 x 15mm, 0.12 x 15mm, 0.14 x 15mm with no ETA. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Setting new standards in cosmetic acupuncture needles

Please note - Dana Facial needles are extremely fine and are not to be manipulated or handled in treatments using any thrusting or twisting techniques of the needle. Use in this way may cause the needles to break. Only to be used by qualified & trained acupuncturists.

Compared to similar individually guide-tubed products, the Cosmetic 10T needles bulk packaging reduces plastic waste by 30%, removes over 1000 guide tubes from refuse and provides more than 20% cost savings

The highest quality needles from Korea are now within your grasp. Upgrade your needle craft, bring butter-like ease of insertion painlessly into your practice. Easy peel blister. 10 Needles and one guide tube per blister provides the convenience of having 10 needles at hand, allowing faster, easier needling, without the excessive waste of individually tubed needle packaging.

Key Features:

  • Specially designed for fast, painless cosmetic treatments
    • Spring handle
    • Made in Korea
    • Easy peel blister
    • laser guided fusion of handle to needle ensuring strength and safety
    • Highest quality Korean surgical stainless steel
    • Ultra-clean needle via ultrasonic purification and high-pressure needle washing
    • Less waste
    • Advanced electromagnetic automated needle grinding & polishing technology provides a needle point that is both infinitely sharp and smooth providing minimal insertion resistance
    • Sterilised by E O Gas
    • 10 needles and 1 guide tube per blister
    • TGA Approved
    • 1000 needles per box

    Dana Medical boasts the largest clean room facilities in South Korea, ensuring minimal handling and absolute sterility. Quality assurance is guaranteed through ultrasonic needle purification and high-pressure cleaning, producing an ultra-clean product.

$149.95 excl GST
Gauge Length JP/KR Gauge Qty
0.12mm 30mm 0(02) Add to Cart
0.14mm 30mm 0(01) Add to Cart



Dana Medical acupuncture needles are manufactured using the most advanced technology available today. Ongoing technological advancements within Dana’s research and development department has seen the implementation of no less than 14 patents, producing a product that not only raises standards of acupuncture needles, it is a needle that others can only aspire to.

Dana acupuncture needles bare compliance and approval with Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), FDA, KGMP, CE, ISO 9001/14001, ISO 13485 guidelines and regulations. These certifications ensure every needle is finished to the absolute highest quality.

Distribution Enquiries

San Acupuncture Supplies are proud to partner with Dana Medical as the exclusive Oceanic distributor & representative. We welcome all enquiries! If you’d like to become a distributor, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

E: info@sanacupuncturesupplies.com.au
P: +61 7 3289 4748


EasyReview by P tein
Easily my favourite cosmetic needles by far! Painless, fast and not so much waste, no brainer for me! Thank you for supplying and thinking of the environment (Posted on 25/02/22)
So happyReview by Ge_777
I'm astonished! Had some teething issues going from using individually tubed facial needles to the Dana bulk format BUT now that I'm used to loading them into the tube I can't believe the time saved. During the transition I realised just how much garbage the others produced which constantly filled my rooms bins up multiple times a day. (Posted on 22/02/22)
yes!Review by Jackie_tan
I received a flyer about these needles and they sounded great so thought I'd get some. They are great. it was meant to be (Posted on 22/02/22)
Very goodReview by Xiao Shi 88
I tried some samples, they were great. I decided to purchase a box when they became available to get more of a feel for them and I have to say I'm quite happy. Fast and painless. Thank you (Posted on 2/02/22)
So goodReview by Michel_B7
These needles are so smooth and the needling time of my treatments has sped up dramatically! Saving time, saving money and getting great results for my clients (Posted on 2/02/22)
Such a blessingReview by G Ross
Had to write because I'm so happy. I just did a budget and I'm saving so much using these needles. Normally I'd have to buy 30+ boxes of Seirin to get needles at this price. Big saving over time. The needles are great too! (Posted on 31/01/22)
Finally!Review by Amanda C
I love these cosmetic needles. I've been using Seirin J-Type for years and these are just as good albeit they don't have a coloured plastic handle I can deal with that. Painless and the bulk format saves me so much money, time and throwing out thousands of tubes everyday. Highly recommend (Posted on 31/01/22)

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