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Jade Half Moon Gua Sha

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Genuine jade stone gua sha tool. Traditional half-moon shape. The curative abilities of jade are based on the composition of its microelements and low temperature physical properties. This cooling effect helps to balance and protect the body’s qi. Jade stone is an alternative to the traditional animal-based gua sha tools like bones and horns.

Each jade scraper is unique; colour and grain will vary from a very light green almost clear stone to mottled darker stones.

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Gua Sha is stimulating to the immune system, detoxifies, increases circulation, regulates organ function, normalizes metabolic processes, removes stagnation and eases pain. After a Gua Sha treatment, a patient usually feels a shift or release especially if there was pain. There is often sweating which is the body’s way of releasing toxins that have been inside the body Dimensions: Each piece varies from 95mm-105mm (length) x 35mm (width) x 4mm (thick)


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